Looking backSpeech to the past one year, Huaxiang Wood Machinery entered into a new development period. We have delighSpeeSpeechchtedly seen that increasingly more Huaxiang brands make a figure in the market and that Huaxiang Wood occupies a gradually enhanced space in the whole wood machinery industry, which are realized by common efforts of the present entrepreneurs, suppliers and media platforms. In my opinion, the quality of products is the first key factor for opening the market. Huaxiang Wood Machinery must strictly control the quality to move towards magnificently. The only way for the present entrepreneurs to create the integrally high quality in the whole industry is self-discipline from the source.

  Design innovation is the key for the development of Huaxiang brand. There is no lack of “Homogenization” atmosphere in the wood industry sector of China, including floors, wood doors, stairs and other industries; homogenization is a common problem in the wood industry, which will destroy the order of the whole sales market and finally influence industrial development and enterprise benefits.

  Speaking of another development direction of the industry, we have to mention the application of the traditional enterprises to the internet field. Huaxiang is striving towards this direction. In the future, Huaxiang Wood Machinery can integrate internet thinking into design, production, manufacturing, management and all the other aspects, to actually realize internet in the whole industry chain. “Internet+” is not simple superposition of the traditional business type and internet but is a chemical reaction. The only way for catching the time and ushering in brand-new development in the whole wood industry is “Innovation from Internet Contact”.